shagreen skin

shagreen skin
Общая лексика: шагреневая кожа

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  • shagreen skin — see under patch …   Medical dictionary

  • shagreen patch — a large connective tissue nevus, seen most often in children who have tuberous sclerosis complex; it consists of a skin colored or pale, elevated, knobby plaque resembling shark or pig skin. The usual location is on the back, especially in the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Shagreen — is a type of roughened untanned leather, formerly made from a horse s back, or that of an onager (wild ass), and typically dyed green. Shagreen is now commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays. The word derives from the French chagrin… …   Wikipedia

  • Shagreen — Sha*green , n. [F. chagrin, It. zigrino, fr. Turk. saghri the back of a horse or other beast of burden, shagreen. Cf. {Chagrin}.] 1. A kind of untanned leather prepared in Russia and the East, from the skins of horses, asses, and camels, and… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • shagreen — [shə grēn′] n. [altered (as if from SHAG1 & GREEN) < Fr chagrin < Turk sağrı, horse s back, hide from this area] 1. rawhide with a rough, granular surface, made from the skin of the horse, seal, etc. 2. the hard, rough skin of the shark or… …   English World dictionary

  • Skin — The skin is the body s outer covering. It protects us against heat and light, injury, and infection. It regulates body temperature and stores water, fat, and vitamin D. Weighing about 6 pounds, the skin is the body s largest organ. It is made up… …   Medical dictionary

  • shagreen — sha·green (shə grēnґ) 1. a type of untanned leather covered with granulations. 2. the rough skin of various types of sharks. 3. having a rough, nevoid surface and a resemblance to shark skin; see shagreen patch, under patch. Shagreen… …   Medical dictionary

  • shagreen — 1) untanned sharkskin retaining the placoid scales; it has a rough sandpaper like surface and was formerly used for sandpaper, sword grips, etc.; also used to refer to the skin of sharks which has been treated by filing down and painting or… …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • shagreen — /ʃəˈgrin/ (say shuh green) noun 1. a kind of untanned leather with a granular surface, prepared from the skin of the horse, shark, seal, etc. 2. the rough skin of certain sharks, used as an abrasive. –adjective Also, shagreened. 3. consisting of… …  

  • skin — n 1. integument, epidermis, cuticle, scarf skin, Anat. corium, derma, cutis; hide, pelt, jacket, fleece, fell, fur, leather, vellum, shagreen; slough, Pathol. desquamation, exuviae. 2. rind, peel, Bot. epicarp, hull, bark, cortex, shell, husk;… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • shagreen — noun Etymology: by folk etymology from French chagrin, modification of Turkish sağrı Date: 1677 1. an untanned leather covered with small round granulations and usually dyed green 2. the rough skin of various sharks and rays when covered with… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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